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UBCM Talking Points 2019

September makes for convention season for BC municipal leaders as the province's elected officials and their senior staff members, along with a string of BC government and opposition members prepare to take part in the UBCM convention at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The theme for this years event is Resiliency and Change and much of the focus will be put towards the increasing engagement between municipal government and the senior levels.

"In an uncertain future, local leaders have a duty to learn from each other and from the past and to find new approaches to plan and thrive"--UBCM's focus for this years convention

The introduction to this years convention outlines where delegates will be directing much of their attention.

Big or small, rural or urban, our communities are experiencing change at an unprecedented rate. From climate change to economic pressures, local governments are on the front lines managing the local impact of complex issues. 

Across the province local government leaders are working to alleviate chronic social stresses, to respond to more frequent shocks, and to anticipate and adapt to changing social and economic trends. 

The magnitude of the changes that our province and communities are facing extends beyond the capacity of any one group to address.

As we head towards convention week, we will offer up items of interest below culled from developments that come out of the gathering set for Vancouver's Convention Centre from September 23 to 27.

Items from the blog focused on the North Coast and related to the convention can be found in this archive listed in their own section and, highlighted in red,  our blog contributions to the theme will be marked by our blue NCR icon, allowing you to find them with a quick scan.

Notes on the convention that are related to the North Coast and Northwest involvement from other media sources will listed below in green typeface.

Notes of interest from other communities will be highlighted in orange .

A look at the Program for the Vancouver event can be found here.

As well you can also explore  the UBCM Book of Resolutions  that will be considered during the course of the five day convention.

Readers of the blog can also find updates on information from UBCM by way of their website and through twitter a wider look at the thoughts of convention delegates can be explored from the  #UBCM2019 hashtag

North Coast Review notes 2019

October 4 -- UBCM Resolution Checklist: How the Northwest fared at the convention  NCR
October 3 -- Rural Dividend Funding program cuts echo across Northwest  NCR

September 30 -- Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain outlines checklist of themes explored at UBCM  NCR
September 30 -- 'We need to get an agreement in place that will stand the test of time": John Horgan speaks to the work ahead for the northwest Benefit Alliance initiative NCR
September 28 -- Premier's address to UBCM provides reassurance for rural communities; but few dollars so far for revenue sharing concerns  NCR
September  26 -- Wrong reception, wrong message ... the mis-steps of UBCM schmooze night  NCR
September 24 -- BC government gives from one hand, while it takes away with the other, that as it suspends Rural Dividend Fund  NCR
September 23 -- Mayor, Council and Senior Staff in Vancouver for UBCM convention week  NCR
September 19 -- Coal Dust, Water Treatment issues and UBCM plans among notes from Port Edward for September  NCR

August 15 -- Libraries and Helipads the themes North Coast Regional District will bring to UBCM resolutions forums NCR
August 14 -- UBCM outlines some of the key speakers and Resolutions for this years municipal government convention NCR

July 19 -- UBCM's China hosted hospitality reception making for controversial theme for September event NCR

Other Prince Rupert related notes  on UBCM 2019

October 3 -- Port Edward UBCM notes (video)
October 3 -- No complaints from Port Edward Mayor following 2019 UBCM convention
October 2 -- Mayor Bjorndal says rural grant program suspension was 'right thing to do'
October 1 -- Northwestern BC mayors want more revenue from resource projects (audio)

September 18 -- Mayors Brain and Bjorndal weigh in on UBCM priorities


From elsewhere in the Northwest

October 2 -- Governments bast NDP over fund switch
October 2 -- UBCM endorses LED streetlight resolution proposed by Smithers
October 2 -- Telkwa parks plan on hold with cancellation of rural dividend
October 1 -- RDBN director gets support for 'stay and defend' bid

September 30 -- Northwest leaders encouraged by Horgan's commitment to Resource Benefit Sharing
September 27 -- Province commits to negotiating revenue-sharing agreement with northwest BC municipalities
September 27 -- Northwestern municipal leaders want more rules around rail safety (audio)
September 24 -- City of Terrace meets ministers to discuss impacts of LNG boom at UBCM
September 24 -- BC government transfers Rural Dividend Fund
September 19 -- Council members off to annual local government convention
September 18 -- Telkwa Mayor wants Province to tackle spruce beetle outbreak
August 16 -- Terrace resolutions on liquor tax, childcare to be presented to UBCM


From Around British Columbia

October 1 -- Resolutions made by the CRD
October 1 -- Teal-Jones is investing in Virginia because it can make money there, and not here
October 1 -- Horgan, Wilkinson both suffer foot-in-mouth disease

September 30 -- China, conferences, and Port Coquitlam's leader
September 27 -- Premier Stand-up  rolls out yuk yuks, but no bucks for forestry support
September 27 -- Rural grant program will be back next year, John Horgan vows
September 27 -- BC municipalities' conference resolutions
September 27 -- UBCM passes climate resolutions as thousands take to the streets
September 27 -- Lowering the voting age for local BC elections gets vote of confidence from UBCM
September 27 -- UBCM rejects ride hailing changes for rural areas
September 27 -- Restore rural dividend fund, UBCM urges Victoria
September 27 -- Sexual assault clinics need assured funding: UBCM
September 27 -- BC Mayors have mixed reaction to decision to suspend rural grant money in favour of forest worker support package (audio)
September 26 -- BC NDP harming jobs, lives with top-down policies: Wilkinson
September 26 -- BC gives $4 million in rebates for electric vehicle charge stations
September 26 -- Make casinos cashless local governments say
September 26 -- Communities seek reforms to BC wildfire, flood response
September 26 -- Local officials shoot down conflict of interest ideas
September 26 -- Remove public employees' names from financial reporting: UBCM
September 26 -- Lower voting age to 16, UBCM votes
September 26 -- BC offers $4M in electric-vehicle charger subsidies as EV sales surge again
September 26 -- Housing crisis 'not just a big-city problem' UBCM hears
September 26 -- Rural communities lobby provincial government to fund recycling programs
September 26 -- BC municipalities want to lower the voting age in local elections to 16
September 26 -- BC municipal politicians vote to end foreign sponsorship of receptions at conventions, but room still full of delegates
September 25 -- Prioritizing emergency management a point of interest at UBCM Convention
September 25 -- Krause applauds provincial investment to support local poverty reduction strategies
September 25 -- UBCM delegates say no to foreign government sponsored events ahead of China reception
September 25 -- Chinese consulate goes ahead with reception for BC municipal leaders, despite concerns of foreign relations
September 25 -- BC politicians sidestep protestors to attend Chinese reception
September 25 -- Municipal leaders support banning foreign sponsorship of UBCM amid worsening China relations
September 25 -- Annual - and potentially final - Chinese reception at UBCM convention taking place tonight
September 25 -- Port Coquitlam mayor joins anti-China rally outside UBCM event
September 25 -- PoCo Mayor leads anti-China rally outside Fairmont hotel in Vancouver
September 25 -- Delegates boycott Chinese government at UBCM event
September 25 -- Brad West is often quoted on China as Poco's mayor, but let's not forget about his links to the United Steelworkers
September 25 -- White Rock council to boycott Chinese-sponsored reception at UBCM
September 25 -- BC mayors look for more provincial cash as they continue to debate taking money from China at UBCM
September 25 -- 'I wanted to see that room empty": Mayor slams attendees of Chinese funded reception
September 25 -- 'Shame on You': Demonstrators protest China-sponsored reception at UBCM
September 25 -- Log truck convoy drives home message about dire state of BC forest industry
September 25 -- BC Mayors worried provincial ride-hailing rules will discourage potential drivers
September 25 -- BC government offers support for logging communities but says they need 'to bend and change'
September 25 -- Convoy of more than 100 logging trucks arrives in Vancouver to protest forestry job losses
September 25 -- Victoria wants to take plastic bag ban fight all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada
September 25 -- Logging-truck protest convoy driven by plea for help in BC small towns
September 25 -- Victoria to seek leave to appeal BC court's decision to quash plastic bag bylaw
September 25 -- Local governments not sidelined in Indigenous talks, BC minister says
September 25 -- BC on track for housing plan, minister tells local governments
September 25 -- Hundreds of trucks clog Vancouver streets to protest state of BC's forestry industry
September 25 -- Politicians, media disconnected, Peter Mansbridge says
September 24 -- Quesnel Mayor and Council meeting with Ministers at UBCM
September 24 -- CRD brings big wish list to UBCM
September 24 -- Restore Rural Dividend Fund, Wilkinson tells NDP
September 24 -- Province increases childcare planning funds to $4 million
September 24 -- BC Liberals raise concerns over suspension of Rural Dividend Fund
September 24 -- Province invests $4 million for child care space in communities
September 24 -- Metro Vancouver mayors call for parties to commit to permanent transit fund
September 24 -- BC communities protest transfer of funds to those hit by sawmill closures
September 24 -- Rural BC mayors say loss of rural dividend fund is 'devastating'
September 24 -- Rural communities in BC wonder whether ride-hailing will make it to them
September 24 -- BC government funds $69M forestry support program by cancelling rural dividend fund (audio)
September 23 -- 'A devastating blow': Rural community mayors react to cancellation of rural grant program
September 23 -- Canada wide cooperation critical in fighting money laundering, UBCM hears
September 23 -- Vancouver reiterates calls for federal leaders to create safe drug supply
September 23 -- UBCM to poll members on taking Chinese sponsorship money
September 23 -- BC announces $2.5 million to address 'federal poisoning crisis'
September 23 -- Province announces funding for anti-poverty initiatives, planning
September 23 -- Hall to discuss affordable housing opioid crisis at UBCM convention
September 23 -- Provincial government supports additional municipal funding for overdose crisis
September 23 -- Cities across BC plead for help to deal with opioid crisis
September 23 -- 'Hands ties': BC cities lament lack of tools to combat money laundering
September 23 -- 'Compassion fatigue': mayors tell BC they need help managing homeless populations in their towns
September 23 -- Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart joins call for national handgun ban
September 23 -- BC government concerned money launderers finding ways around stricter rules
September 23 -- Record number of resolutions at UBCM
September 22 -- BC cities and towns have not seen their share of cannabis revenue
September 22 -- Municipalities conference focuses on opioid crisis, housing, money laundering
September 22 -- The UBCM convention starts Monday. Civic leaders will talk dirty money
September 20 -- BC municipalities brace for north-south split on climate change lawsuits
September 18 -- Ride sharing services, drug needle cleanup priorities for Skakun at UBCM
September 16 -- White Rock council declares disapproval of ride-hailing rules
September 12 -- White Rock council to boycott Chinese-sponsored reception at UBCM
September 9 -- Municipalities turn up heat over Province's closed door dealings with First Nations

August 30 -- Needle clean up resolution to be brought to UBCM by PG councillors
August 20 -- Vernon student off to UBCM with council
August 16 -- Maple Ridge brings feud with BC government to UBCM
August 1 -- Boaters who interfere in emergencies targeted

July 17 -- Quesnel Council backs two Prince George resolutions at Union of BC Municipalities Convention
July 16 -- UBCM continues to be tone deaf on Chinese reception issue
July 12 -- UBCM to review funding for annual convention, but China sponsored event remains
July 12 -- Richmond News surveys city council over Chinese reception at UBCM convention
July 12 -- UBCM will continue to take Chinese money for receptions
July 10 -- 'Lives will be lost': Oliver town council to address ER closures at UBCM
July 8 -- White Rock quest to tax vacant homes going to UBCM
July 7 --  White Rock wants version of Vancouver's empty homes tax - but provincial rules stand in the way
July 4 -- Prince George Council approves two crime related resolutions
July 3 -- Victoria mayor says Chinese reception at BC mayor's convention should continue
July 3 -- Delta mayor joins push against Chinese reception at BC mayor's convention

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